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Wijdeven is committed to act fairly and with integrity towards its stakeholders and is expected to comply with all applicable local rules and regulations

Wijdeven intends to act proactively according ISO14001 guidelines.  Subcontractors must provide documented objective evidence of an operational environmental management system for ISO14001 or demonstrate equivalency which shows continual environmental improvement. Wijdeven intends to comply with requirements of the respective  laws and regulation, including banned/hazardous substances content.

Wijdeven shall do all that is reasonable and practicable to:
• Protect the health and safety of employees and contract labour and minimize any adverse work conditions;
• Implement safe and healthful work practices to prevent injury, illness and property damage;
• Minimize occupational exposures to potentially hazardous materials and unsafe work conditions by maintaining appropriate safety systems and effective controls;
• Implement an emergency response program that addresses the most likely anticipated emergencies;
• Train managers and employees to assure their continued commitment to their own health and safety and that of their co-workers;
• Involve employees at all levels in the health and safety program; assure their accountability for injury and illness prevention.

Wijdeven shall not employ children in violation of convention 138 and 182 of the International Labour Organization.
In case of child labour, Wijdeven shall take immediate remedial action, considering the interests of the children employed.
This action will include:
• Minimally acceptable employment conditions for the children employed (such as education, working hours, wages, medical facilities etc.);
• The obligation of the supplier not to employ any more children;
• A time period within which the supplier will comply with the mentioned International Labour Organisation (ILO) norms.

Employment should be freely chosen. Under no circumstances will Wijdeven make use of forced or bonded labor – such as forced labor performed by persons placed in an institution, or compulsory labour including labor as a means of political coercion or education – to design, manufacture or assemble products and services for Wijdeven.

Wijdeven shall recognize and respect the freedom of its employees to choose whether or not to establish or to associate with any organization of their own choosing (including labour unions) without Wijdeven’s prior authorization.
The employment of a worker shall not be contingent upon the condition that he/she not join a union or be forced to  relinquish trade union membership. Furthermore, union membership shall not be the cause for the dismissal of – or otherwise prejudice against – a worker. Wijdeven will not interfere with or finance labour organizations or take other actions with the intent  of placing such organization under the control of Wijdeven.

Wijdeven shall respect – within the framework of law, regulations and prevailing labour relations and employment practices – the right of its employees to be represented by labour unions and other employee organizations. Wijdeven will engage in negotiations, either on its own behalf or through employers’ associations, with a view toward reaching agreement on employment conditions.

Wijdeven shall treat its employees equally in employment and occupation, and will ensure that each has equal opportunities. Wijdeven shall offer equal pay for equal work performed at equal levels. No form of harassment or discrimination in respect of employment and occupation will be tolerated, such as discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.Zie bijgaand de Carbon Footprint van Wijdeven in Ter Apel
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