Celebrating 30 years of service: Ankie Verstegen

Over the past 30 years, Ankie has played a very important role at Wijdeven. She started in the Design department, moved to Purchasing and has been working in the Sales department since 2012. There, Ankie is responsible for marketing and communication. She also supports the project organisation for medical cabinets for hospitals and dialysis institutions.

In his speech, Managing Director Berto Odink says Ankie is an independent, driven individual, a perfectionist and very considerate to colleagues and business relations. He calls her the ‘mater familias’ of the Wijdeven team in Oirschot, congratulating her on her work and adding that ‘We’re delighted that you’re playing that role’.

Ankie is a lovely person who gives her all not just to her work but also to her loved ones and the people around her!

We hope that Ankie will continue to enjoy her work at Wijdeven for many years to come