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Flight ban, home office, temperature check:

What Eastern Swiss companies are doing in China after the outbreak of the corona virus

The corona virus also affects Chinese plants of companies in the region. So far, crisis management is working.

The corona virus is having an ever greater economic impact. One of the reasons for this is that in several Chinese cities the authorities have extended the Chinese New Year holidays until and including 9 February, i.e. one week on Sunday.

This affects KUK Electronic AG in Appenzell, for example. It is keeping its plant in Shanghai closed until this date, as KUK Managing Director Hansueli Koster says. KUK founded its Chinese company in 2003 and produces coils for the automotive and medical industries there. There are no cases of illness among the 240 employees, and there are currently no Swiss employees on site. But Koster says: “We have postponed our planned trip to Shanghai until further notice.”

“The compulsory break also affects customers who don’t get their products in time.”
However, Koster expects “the epidemic to end by February 9th.” Production relocations are “not yet planned” and “we communicate daily with our manager in Shanghai”.

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KUK China plant is starting up again.

The KUK China plant in Shanghai started production Monday 17.02.2020 with 25% of the normal staff. Special gates and procedures ensures the preventive actions to avoid spreading of the Coronavirus.

Hoping we will be back at full capacity soon.

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Update 03 March 2020

Thanks to the containment team of KUK China, over 60% of the staff are in our factory. We expect to be in full capacity within the next 2 weeks.

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Update 12 March 2020

90% of the KUK China team is back at work.  Still high focus on preventive measures.

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