Due to the diversity of winding technologies, KUK Wijdeven has designed and produced an extensive package of coils that are used in different industries.

Coils can basically be divided into two groups:

  • coils wound on coil bobbin
  • self-supporting coils.

Depending on the function (and costs), coils are either wound ‘wild’, or ‘orthocyclically’. The difference is mainly in whether they have cross-windings or not. KUK Wijdeven also provides the edgewise winding method.

Areas of application include:

Gas valves | Valves | Detection gates | Contactless energy chargers | Electromagnets | Solenoids | Linear motors | Flow meters | X-ray scanners | Spark igniters | Actuators | Electron microscopes | Inductive sensors | Water tubes | RFID tags |

Orthocyclic coils

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Coils on coilformers

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Edgewise winding

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