Medical Transformer Cabinets

Medical transformer cabinet/rack

It is vitally important that electrical systems in medical spaces such as operating theatres and treatment rooms are safe and that their continuity is guaranteed. This is the purpose of medical transformer cabinets.

These systems should comply with the safety requirements laid down in NEN1010-7, so that patients and doctors are optimally protected in the medical IT system (for example, against leakage currents or power failures).
By using DEKRA-accredited isolating transformers from Wijdeven, you ensure that your medical areas are safe at all times.

Wijdeven is a market leader in the delivery and installation of medical transformer cabinets or transformer racks for Group 1 and Group 2 spaces such as operating theatres, intensive care wards and dialysis rooms.

Wijdeven gives you:

  • Full service from design up to and including installation
  • Compliance with the latest developments and installation standards.
  • Designs in E-Plan P8 Pro Panel
  • Ready-made solutions and flexibility if any changes occur during your project
  • Short turnaround times (2 weeks for a complete cabinet with 20 1600VA transformers, for example)
  • Plug-and-play delivery
  • High level of quality awareness – among other things by using A-brand components
  • Competitive price level
  • 24/7 service in case of any malfunctions/calamities
  • Immediately available stock of critical components
  • Customised maintenance contract
  • Fully wired backup groups for machines
  • Can be expanded with UPS

Specification:   Medical Cabinets

Our project team:

  • A multidisciplinary and experienced project team for both renovation and major construction projects.
  • Communication through a permanent contact person. (short lines, efficient)
  • Fast reaction times.
  • Your correspondence reaches the entire project team
  • Due to the team’s wide-ranging project experience, they have a proactive attitude and ensure that the progress of the project is not put at risk – a win-win situation.
  • Weekly planning access to construction and costs.
  • Permanent technicians involved for the entire project, from construction to positioning the transformer cabinets.
  • Acceptance form including drawing package during positioning.
  • Transparency regarding additional or less work.

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