High-frequency transformers

Switch-mode power supplies and converters are an indispensable power source in electrical appliances. Since the 1990s, KUK Wijdeven has been preparing for future developments by building up its know-how and particularly by designing ferrite transformers and their constituent ferrite coils.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the field of power conversion and EMC and very often play an advisory role when choosing the topologies, ferrite qualities and winding instructions to be used. By taking part in seminars and specific training programmes, we aim to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in technology in terms of materials and winding technologies. We would be happy to share this knowledge with you.

When a switching power supply is being designed, ‘the magnetics’ engineers regularly encounter design problems. Standard software programs (such as Linear Technology®, Texas Instruments® and Power Integrations®) usually point us in the right direction, but the translation from theoretical models to a working prototype demands the workmanship of a specialist.

Using standard raw materials (ferrite cores, copper wire and coil bobbins), we can produce custom-designed, customer-specific ferrite transformers or coils at a competitive price.

Production locations
Besides our production facilities in the Netherlands, in the KUK Group we also have a production location in Nová Dubnica, Slovakia (3000m2 / 150 employees) that can manufacture the production numbers according to our work instructions and prescribed parts list. Both in the Netherlands and in Slovakia we use single and multiple winding machines.

What are the possible options?

  • E / EFD / RM / ETD / U / P /PQ / Toroid core construction forms
  • Ferrite / iron powder / Carbon Mu / Sendust / High Flux / MPP / Amorphous / Nanocrystalline core types
  • 10 kHz – 10 mHz frequency area
  • Through-hole / SMD
  • Single/double/triple isolated winding wires, depending on the desired insulation class
  • Extremely thin winding wire: 10µm
  • Flyback / forward / push-pull / half-bridge / full-bridge topologies
  • Open / cast / (under vacuum) impregnated / housing

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