One-phase and three-phase transformers

In the Netherlands, KUK Wijdeven is one of the leading producers of 50 Hz transformers in the low-voltage range.

This skill has been passed from generation to generation since 1939. The original hand-crafted winding techniques have now been replaced by semi-automatic and fully-automatic production lines, but the essential questions is still: ‘How do we build a safe transformer?’. This is the basis for all our day-to-day activities.

Every appliance with a power cord has a transformer. They usually have standard primary and secondary voltages, such as 230V, 3x400V, 12V, 24V etc.
However, the variety of available models already becomes evident when choosing the requisite power.

This is followed by questions such as ‘How and in which space must the transformer be used?’, ‘What is the ambient temperature?’, ‘How can it be cooled?’, ‘Open model or in a housing?’, ‘Galvanically isolated or an autotransformer?’ and ‘Which standards apply?’.

And the variety in the models increases with each answer to these questions.

Energy efficiency is also a subarea that our engineers focus on during the design phase. This results in a low inrush current and low no-load losses.

By using ‘standard’ modules (transformer core, copper wire, coil bobbins, connectors, housings), we can design a customer-specific transformer to order and produce it for a competitive price.

Besides our internal production division in Ter Apel, for many years we have had a number of our specialised production facilities in Eastern Europe that manufacture the serial production numbers.

What are the possible options?

  • One-phase and three-phase
  • Galvanically isolated or auto transformer
  • 1 VA to 5 MVA
  • EI-/UI-/C-/ toroidal construction forms
  • AC/AC and AC/DC
  • Open, cast, (under vacuum) impregnated, painted or in housing
  • EN61558, UL, CSA, Lloyds standards

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