Medical transformers

Isolating transformers for medical IT system

Wijdeven has developed a series of medical protection transformers, ranging from 1600VA to 8000VA. All of these transformers meet the latest standards.

Many years ago, the 2250VA transformer was specially designed for dialysis equipment. Since the introduction of new dialysis equipment with greater capabilities, it has become obvious that the standard 2250VA transformer is often no longer adequate and that the 3150VA or 3300VA is essentially over-dimensioned.

Wijdeven took advantage of this trend to develop a medical isolating transformer with an intermediate capacity of 2600VA. This transformer has been accredited by Dekra

  • Smaller dimensions, so a smaller floor area
  • About 15% lower weight
  • About 25-35% lower watt-loss
  • Unique serial number for traceability

Below the technical specifications of our medical transformers are given:

Wijdeven supplies distributors for

RAK / PET-CT/ NO-BREAK UPS / Operating Theatres / X-ray / SEH / Bucky / IC / Radiology / Holding and recovery / Recovery / Mammography / Treatment Room


  • Wall cabinet
  • Floor cabinet
  • Rack
  • Heat management
  • Ventilator
  • Extraction spout
  • Ventilation grilles

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