Coils on coilformers

'Wild"vs 'in spoed' wikkelen

‘wild’ vs ‘helical’ wound

The simplest way of winding coils is on a plastic or metal coil carrier. Depending on the specifications, tolerances and cost target, coils can be wound ‘wild’ or ‘helical’

Coils that are wound wild are characterised by the possibility of cross-winding. Helical wound coils (laid neatly next to each other) are characterised by accurate dimensions.

KUK Wijdeven has the possibility to custom-design coil bobbins and produce them in a wide variety of material types.

Coils can be finished:

  • On pcb pins (SMD, through-hole)
  • On solder lugs
  • On Litz wires
  • Overmoulding
  • Impregnated

Besides copper wire, KUK Wijdeven is also experienced in winding aluminium and copper-clad (CCA) wire.


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