Serial production

Wijdeven - robot - winding


During the engineering phase of every new design, KUK Wijdeven is already focusing on the later production process and the production location in order to keep the Total Cost of Ownership of our customers as low as possible.

Thanks to the short lines between the internal development department and the mechanical engineering department at KUK in Switzerland, complete production lines can be designed and assembled in-house using smart and automated production techniques. This means that we are never dependent on external machine builders and that we produce approx. 90% of our total turnover on our own machines.

Around 60-70% of this type of production unit is made up of standard components that are used for all machines. All of the other components in the machine are customised parts. Thanks to this working method, the throughput time for full serial production is considerably shorter (usually 8-12 weeks) and the investment costs are significantly lower than with external machine builders.

Ultimately, the results of our capacities and skills are not visible in a catalogue but in the applications for our satisfied business partners.